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mars 30, 2017
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Mini Quad Formula K



Mini Quad Formula K

Under renovering. Bra skick. Finns två stycken quad / fyrhjuling en gul och en orange.

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The Formula K MINI-QUAD harnesses all of Formula K’s engineering and design expertise to create a highly attractive and safe battery operated childrens vehicle for the 4-12 year age group.


Dimensions 132 x 83 x 73 cms
Weight 91 kgs (less batteries approx)
Age Groups 4-12 years old, there is a secondary seat at the rear should an adult wish to assist a child
Speed Adjustable up to 10mph (approx) average advisable operating speed 4-6mph
Turning circle 1.2 metres
Motor 24V Electric motor
Range 4-5 hrs continous running time, equates to an average 8-9 hour operation day with easy
change battery system.
Drive Direct drive via transaxle with built in differential (no pulleys, chains or belts)
Control ECU purpose designed and built in the UK, to incorporate speed control, ride time,
security counter, auto stop system and simulated engine noise
Activation Coin-op or Manual start
Bumpers Shock absorbing polyurethene bumper system
Remote Cut-out Optional
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