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mars 9, 2017
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Häst – Wild West


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Häst – Wild West

Begagnad, bilden visar en ny attraktion. Bra bruksskick.

west style of the CAVALLO PONY, but it is cheaper and the overall dimensions are decidedly inferior. Thanks to the appliqué martingale and the saddle bordered whit soft ecological fur, it couples the practicalness and a charming beauty. Besides it is enriched with a proper sound- track. The caravan next to the horse is a little staircase which helps children to get on the kiddie ride and keeps the cash-box, the counter- slot and the elettronic card (all according to CEE laws) making collection and maintenance operation easier. The kiddie game is delivered together whit its tow- bar and use and maintenance handbook.

Height:  131 cm
Width:  80 cm
Length:  130 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Age: 2-7 years old

Users: 1

Led Lights: No

Sound: Yes

Interactivity: No

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