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Truck Kiddieride


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Truck Kiddieride

Begagnad automat i bra skick, bilden visar en ny.



Truck is our reassessment of the american truck with vivid colours, lots of lights, mufflers, steel grille and bumper. It is also equipped with a special windscreen made of shock-resistant material with two happy fellow passengers. Moreover, the Truck is not only beautiful, but also comfortable as the four big handles on the sides allow the child to get on very easily. They can be used as steps (the lateral ones) and they make easier the load and the unloading operations.
The handles have also the function of bumper during the kiddie ride transport. The cash, the counter-slot and the electric installation (according to CEE laws) are inside the figure, but they can be reached through dedicated doors. The kiddie ride is delivered together with its tow-bar and use and maintenance handbook.

Height:  135 cm
Width:  75 cm
Length:  165 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Age: 2-7 years old

Users: 2

Led Lights: Yes

Sound: Yes

Interactivity: Yes

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