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Mini Quad Formula K
mars 30, 2017
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Mini Traktor Formula K



Mini Traktor Formula K

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The Mini-Tractor is a children’s battery operated fun vehicle for the 4-12 year age group.  With authentic farmyard styling the Mini-Tractor is an ideal vehicle to be used as a compact stand-alone attraction or a profitable addition to existing amusement and farm parks.


Dimensions: 136 x 83 x 62 cms
Weight: 81 kgs (less batteries approx)
Age Groups: 4-12 years old, there is a secondary seat at the rear should an adult wish to assist a child
Speed: Adjustable up to 10mph (approx) average advisable operating speed 4-6mph
Turning circle: 1.2 metres
Motor: 24V Electric motor
Range: 4-5 hrs continous running time, equates to an average 8-9 hour operation day with easy change battery system.
Drive: Direct drive via transaxle with built in differential (no pulleys, chains or belts)
Control: ECU purpose designed and built in the UK, to incorporate speed control, ride time, security counter, auto stop system and simulated engine noise
Activation: 1Coin-op or Manual start
Bumpers: Shock absorbing polyurethene bumper system
Remote Cut-out: Optional
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